24th August 2017


Arnold Clark give a business training session to Eorl Crabtree and first-team players

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James Aldren from Arnold Clark paid a visit to the John Smith’s Stadium with a business training session for Eorl Crabtree and first-team players Jake Mamo, Gene Ormsby, Darnell McIntosh and Tom Symonds.

The session was designed to give the players an insight into a future after rugby and offer Crabtree some business tips for his new role as Giants Ambassador, where he works closely alongside the Giants Partners.

Commercial Manager Brian Blacker was also in attendance with Giants Commercial Director Andrew Watson commenting on the session:

“This business training session has come about as we thought it would be good to get Eorl some business training after coming straight out of professional rugby into business. This led me to asking our major partners if they would do the training for us rather than sending Eorl off to University on a business course, which would be a big task hours and commitment wise in addition to a busy work load. Arnold Clark have very kindly delivered the first one and it was a great experience.

Arnold Clark is quite a successful story, it was losing money three years ago and it’s now making serious profit. James Aldren, who is one of our sponsors from Arnold Clark, has made that turnaround so we asked him to deliver a session on how he did that and it was very informative so a big thanks must go to James for taking the time to come and see us.

“Brian Blacker and I were also there as you can always learn something new. Some of the first-team were invited to attend and take part in this business training because they’ve been thinking about their future career once they have retired from playing rugby.

“One of the things we want to do is to get closer to our partners and this is one of those initiatives. Arnold Clark are a good sponsor of ours but we want to make it deeper than that and deliver more for each-other.

“It’s been really beneficial, hopefully Eorl has learned something from it and I hope the players that attended also felt they could take something away from this.”

James Aldren, who is the Sales Manager at Arnold Clark Huddersfield, commented:

“Working so close to the John Smith’s Stadium, being based on Leeds Road, I decided that when we got the dealership into a healthier financial position I was very keen to get involved with the Giants. I got in touch with Brian about 9 months ago and it’s been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been following the Giants for 12 years and have really enjoyed working alongside Andrew, Brian and Eorl.

“It was great seeing some young players attend this meeting. Youth is the future, not just in this industry but in rugby league so I’m really keen for the youth and was over the moon when I heard that the likes of Jake Mamo and Darnell McIntosh, the two young high-fliers in this squad, were interested in coming and hearing what I’d got to say.

“Eorl is a house-hold name, he’s a great guy and does a lot for the community, he’s a great asset to the Giants and I’m pleased I was able to come here and give him a few business pointers. I love the vision of the Commercial team and am very excited to continue to work closely alongside them in the future.

“The first part of the agenda is going to be a Huddersfield Giants SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and improve the Commercial team as a business. I think the playing team is going through a lot of changes but it is beginning to click and the future is bright there, but we can improve on the commercial side and that’s something we intend to do.”

Having taken on the role of Giants Club Ambassador, Eorl Crabtree was keen to hear the advice of James Aldren and commented:

“I really enjoyed the talk that James gave. I’ve been fortunate to have done some sales and business management courses in the past but this was just a completely different insight. Getting to see a business model that has been so successful and how to turnaround a deficit was very beneficial. I also thought it was good to focus on attitude and I love the fact that some of the first-team players really bought into that and thought about their life after a career in rugby. Also to realise they have to learn a few bits to ensure they are as successful when they go into another line of work after rugby was good to see.

“James has given us a lot of things to contemplate and I’m sure I will be able to apply a lot of the knowledge he has given us. I now see how different businesses work but also see that everyone has similar goals and for me it is about learning how to make all our business partners happy and successful.

“The sport has changed over the last ten years and it is difficult adjusting to a different career once they retire from professional rugby league so it was great to see some of our players put their hands up and attend the business training session. They found it very engaging and it’s good to see them take an interest in the future. I’d like to thank James for such an informative session and look forward to seeing him again in a fortnight’s time.”

For more information about Arnold Clark or to make an enquiry please call Sales: 01484 412 000 Servicing: 01484 412 000 or visit their website by clicking here

Pay a visit to Arnold Clark Huddersfield, their postcode is: 649 Leeds Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1YS



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