15th March 2019


Hear Simon Woolford's thoughts on our 12-40 defeat to St Helens

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By Andrea Mena

What fell away in the second half that resulted in the score line ending as one sided as it did?

“I think in the second half I just said to the guys, we made every school boy error possible. We forced the pass in our own in goal we kicked it on the full. We threw a couple of silly offloads we didn’t catch some kicks. You know our halves threw the ball to no one more often than not. St Helens are a good team their halves controlled that second half really well  I thought. Cootes' kicking was fantastic and they suffocated us and again we got put under pressure and we weren’t good enough to hold that pressure and somehow turn it back around in our favour were just not good enough at the moment”.

Was it a harsh lesson that you can’t just play for 50-55 minutes and expect to find yourself in a contest come 80 minutes?

“Well we’ve done that all bar one game this year where we haven’t played for 80 minutes. Last week we were all fantastic and we spoke about all week what we wanted to do and how we wanted to play against Saints first half we did that I thought. Our forwards more than matched theirs I thought our intent was great, the ruck I think was pretty well balanced in that first half they certainly didn’t roll through us I mean Roby caused us a couple of issues but we talked about that at half time. We let in a couple of tries on the try line and we’re normally a lot better than that, and that was disappointing. But, second half we just didn’t give ourselves a chance."

I guess the frustration compounded by the fact that it’s a reoccurring theme and there doesn’t seem to be an obvious reason why it keeps happening?

“Its hard to pinpoint why it’s happening, but you know I said to the guys its either two things; its poor concentration or it doesn’t mean enough to them - its either one or the other. So, the disappointing thing at the moment is you know we’ve still got a lot of players missing so its not as if we can bring some in to replace some that aren’t achieving the way we would like them to. So, we have just got to crack on with what we’ve got at the moment but you know we’ve got some players coming back over the next three weeks; Ferguson, Clough, hopefully Leroy’s not too far away hopefully and Jake Warde will be alright next week. So, still got some quality players on the side-line and you know to match St Helens for 50 minutes you know full strength I think that’s a positive to come out of it but, at the moment the focus has got to be on more so what we did in the last half hour, as opposed to what we did in the first 50.

Of the two things you’ve pointed out either a lack of concentration or a lack of wanting it enough - which one do you think it is?

“I think its different with some certain individuals, I think it’s a bit of both. But you know at the moment we’re in a position where we cant afford to be turning off for 5, 10, 15 minutes during a game. We need to be winning games and we’re in a position to do that you know the try before half time you know that hurt us we’re on their try line we had them stripped for numbers and we get up drop the ball and then play the ball. I mean later they’re scoring down the other end , you’ve got to be better than that against a team like St Helens you know you’ve got to be able to defend an error and to do that 2 minutes before half time you know instead of going in maybe up we’re going in down you know and that’s a big difference and that’s an error where we need to be better”.

You spoke about three or four players to come back you seemed to pick up one or two knocks - Matty English was helped off wasn’t he?

“Murphy's the other one from last week he’s out for 6 weeks. English he wont be playing for the next month by the looks of things, he’s done something to his knee so we'll assess that and get a scan and whatever they need to do tomorrow but you know Walne is the other one he was good for us the first month, he’s gone for four months. So, you know the next couple of weeks at least there’s not going to be much relief hopefully after that there will be. We can’t wait for all those guys to come back we’ve got to start stringing some performances together.

Can you give us an update on Joe Wardle's concussion?

“Yeah you know that was a big loss for us Joe he’s been great for us and to lose him in the first half you know takes a lot of the defensive side out of our game - he’s a tremendous defender, and he brings a lot of intent with his work. So, you know I thought Ollie Roberts came on and did some good things I think but yeah Joe Wardle's someone we need on the field “.


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