29 May 2020

Uate to return home

Akuila Uate will return home after being released from his contract

Akuila Uate will this week return to Australia having been released from his contract which was due to expire at the end of the 2021 season. 

Giants Managing Director, Richard Thewlis said: "This decision is very disappointing for Akuila, who has worked as hard as anyone could to get back from his ankle issue, as have our medics.

"The situation however couldn't be allow to drift any further, especially given the clubs acute difficulties at this moment in time surrounding the Covid-19 situation, which is likely to only worsen in the coming months, with next year already looking extremely challenging for everyone.

"That said, Aku's departure will of course help financially and his gesture in returning home is very much appreciated and will certainly help our short and medium term situation. I have already said that the only way I can see through the financial crisis in Rugby League is by us all sticking together on the key issues and Aku has done the right thing here to help the club and I sincerely hope that things will work our well for him and his family back home and that he is soon back on a Rugby field. "

Akuila Uate said: "I'm very thankful for the opportunity the club have given me. I'd like to thank the squad,  who have made me feel welcome from day one. 

I'd also like to thank the fans, and all the backroom and coaching staff and register that I am leaving on good terms. I'd like to lastly thank my family, who have supported me throughout this experience. It's not the end of the journey as far as I'm concerned, but beginning of other opportunities. 

"Although it didn't work out the way I wanted, I'm thankful for the opportunity to play for the Huddersfield Giants and I am excited to play again in the future."

"Finally, I'd like to wish the boys all the best for the rest of the season"