05th July 2018


Head Coach reflects on 29-18 victory over Hull FC

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Huddersfield Giants Head Coach Simon Woolford spoke to the media following his side’s victory over Hull FC to lift the Claret and Gold into seventh, and reflected on the game:

“It was important that we responded positively. Our training week and preparation was good where we’d spoken about areas that we needed to improve. I thought we started the game a little bit too similarly to last week, we came up with a few early errors and defended our try line quite a bit and I thought it was ground-hog day. But we found a way to change the momentum mid-way through that first-half then we were able to get through our sets and get some points, that was the difference.

“Early in the first-half we were at 50% completion, then we went nine from ten in the back end of the half, so that was pleasing. Last week we made some early errors and kept compounding them by making the same errors, tonight was pretty close to being the best performance since I’ve been here but we’ve still got plenty of work to do. The positive tonight was the way we defended, turned up for each other and a couple of times they looked like scoring but we got bodies out there and took them over the side-lines. They are really good things to see in a team. It shows we’ve got a team here and after the way we were able to bounce back from last week all the boys should be really proud.

“We’ve worked hard. I thought putting Gaskell into the halves and Jordan Turner into the centres worked for us. I think both of those guys had their best games. We looked really dangerous, despite missing a couple of opportunities, we’ve got full confidence in our attack, particularly our goal-line attack. If we can eliminate errors in our game and get some more opportunities at the other end we’re a team that is capable of scoring some points.

“I thought Danny Brough’s kicking game was outstanding. He found the right kicks at the right time, he put them over the sideline when he needed to, and he got us a couple of repeat sets too. His game management was there for everyone to see, that’s what you get from a 35-year-old who’s played 300 odd Super League games and he’s a really important part of our team. I can’t fault Danny, his attitude has been fantastic. He’s competitive, he’s my type of player, he’s a competitor in training and on the field. It can get him into strife at times but you never want to take that attitude away from any player. He’s had three weeks off and has been the hardest worker in that time. He’s done a lot of work with Olly Russell helping him with his game, he’s a really important part of our team and he showed that tonight.

“I thought Jake Wardle was outstanding, a couple of times he could have looked to find the pass but he didn’t and got his nose down to play the ball. I thought our left edge did a really good job.

“Seb has got an injury that will rule him out, if it’s a low grade, for at least two to four weeks so we’re going to be missing him for a while. We’ve got some forwards and middles back now and a couple of players like Ferguson and English who didn’t play tonight so it’s an area we’ve got a little bit of depth in at the moment.”




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